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México Beach Land for sale – Loreto Real Estate

Are you looking for land on the beach in Loreto México?

Discover our list of land for sale on the beaches of Loreto Baja California Sur. Loreto is a tourist destination with great wealth, it has impressive natural landscapes, islands and diversity in flora and fauna. In its surroundings you will find caves with cave paintings and the wonderful Sea of ​​Cortez.

The town is surrounded by islands and the Gran Sierra de la Giganta, these are treasured for their beautiful beaches, paradisiacal cliffs, hot springs and impressive rock formations.

If you like adventure tourism, Loreto is the ideal place for you, you can enjoy different activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, rock climbing, hiking and flora and fauna sighting.

Loreto was named a magical town in 2012 by the Ministry of Tourism. It is located 151 km from Ciudad Constitución and 361 km from Ciudad de La Paz. it is mainly attracted by travelers from the United States, Canada and Baja California.

Available beachfront land

1.- Beach with a panoramic view of the Sea of Cortez – 21-hectare property

Property: Playa El Coyotito Lotes Lots Parcels 31 and 32
Lot dimensions: 21 hectares
Address: 10 minutes north of San Cosme B.C.S. ( Seaway )
Characteristics: Virgin beach property with panoramic views of the Sea of Cortes, located at an elevation of 20 meters approx. The property has 207 meters of frontage with a spectacular view of the ocean, and a length of 1,140 meters in its narrowest part. The area is completely virgin, currently the only form of access is by sea. Ideal for 100% ecotourism projects and developments.
Price: 10 USD per m2

2.- Virgin Beach in Loreto Hot Springs

Property:   Lot 123/59
Lot dimensions: 1 hectare
Address: A few minutes from San Cosme, B.C.S
Characteristics: Small property facing the sea with a foot of beach of 10 meters and a length of 1170 meters. The property is located next to the Hot Springs area that is in the area; the beach is virgin and with soft white sand.
Price: 10 USD per m2

3.- Virgin beach in Loreto B.C.S. – 9.3 Hectares

Property:  Playa La Ballena Lot No. 43
Lot Dimensions: 9.3 hectares
Address:  A few minutes from San Cosme, B.C.S.
Characteristics: Property facing the sea with a foot of beach of 94 meters and with a length of 1048 meters. The beach is completely virgin, with white sand and calm waves. Suitable for swimming,diving and for smaller boats.

Price: 10 USD per m2

Financing: Credit available. Please get in touch for more information.

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